Remote Diagnostic & Monitoring System

RDMS block diagram
wireless module - mwm

dashboard page
rdms monitor page

rdms history page
rdms report page


  • Easy and quick interpretation of comprehensive operational data
  • Acquire complete information in a single touch
  • Increased outputs & enhanced productivity from every technician
  • Real-time fault notification via email/online
  • Geo-location of active/inactive equipment
  • Recent O&M history available at all times
  • All operational and maintenance history to be digitized
  • Remote management of any GSE with basic adjustments
  • Automated periodic updating of GSE on email/online


History: Detailed status of GSE

  • Data filter based on equipment/calendar period/time
  • Equipment’s live/last received geo-location
  • Complete operational history
  • Equipment run hours visible at all times
  • Snapshot broadcast – Monitor immediate operational behavior before, during and after any fault

Live monitoring & control of GSE:
Excellent diagnostic tool

  • You can talk to GSE from anywhere in the Globe
  • Remote fault diagnosis tool
  • Fine tune specific parameter limits
  • Get live operational parameter update every few seconds
  • Helpful during crisis monitoring

Fault & alarms

  • Real-time fault alert with location & time-stamp
  • View complete fault history of selected equipment
  • View/modify fault status – Pending, acknowledged, closed
  • View warranty status of equipment
  • Receive fault alerts via email/online

GSE Maintenance: Complete management

  • OEM recommended periodic maintenance schedules
  • Planned cost, maintenance time and required spares
  • Real-time maintenance alerts via email/online
  • Ad-hoc service management – with fault service record
  • AMC schedule management – For 3/5/7 years

Reports: Data reports

  • Export complete Operational & maintenance data as drilled down reports
  • Data Filter based on equipment/calendar period/time
  • Select multiple equipment data in single report
  • Scheduled reports to mail in-box