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Over four decades, we design, develop and manufacture Aviation Ground Support Equipment and specific Electricals, Electronics & Mechanical systems for various aviation projects out of our facilities in Olive Branch, USA.

MAK Company Profile

AirMAK delivered Mobile Air Conditioning Unit/Ground Power Unit Combo – ACU / ( GPCU ) 15- 400 Ground Power and Cooling Unit ACU+GPU



  • On the morning of March 03, 2003, INTERSKY INC / AIR+MAK Industries Air Start Unit (ASU-400T) was tested on GE Aircraft Engines B747 Flying test bed, with the GE90-115B power plant installed in the #2 engine position, at the GE Flight Test Operations facility in the Mojave Desert.  The air start unit performed well within its specifications and started the “world’s largest aircraft engine” GE90-115B engine in 48 seconds, essentially equal to the standard on board 747APU start performance. I feel that it is a very robust product that is superior to all other ground start carts available in the industry today.

    General Electric
  • We are using Air + Mak 90 KVA GPU. We have no hesitation to state this is one of the best piece of equipment available with us. Performance of this GPU has been totally to our satisfaction all these days and in fact once, we even used it non-stop for more than 20 hours to service an airplane, which landed with an emergency code and it behaved perfectly. GPU design is appreciable as the layout and installation of all components are so convenient to reach for maintenance. We wish them success.

    Flight Support Solutions, Memphis International Airport
  • We have procured 5 x Storage type Air Start Units Model – Submarine SASU-840 from Air + Mak in last 2 years. The performance is very satisfactory.

    We especially appreciate all design features such as very low maintenance, attention free air charging system, Moisture removal system in charging pressure line. It has met our expectations and we wish all success for them.

    NorthWest Airlink

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