28V SGPU 600 – 28V dc

  • 28V DC with minimal noise
  • MAK 28V SGPU600 Solid state GPU supplies
  • “Soft start” mode available for engine starts
  • The 28V SGPU600 delivers 600 amps continuous to 2000 amps peak
    for starting


28VDC Static GPU

Salient Features

  • Meets MIL, AHM & ARP standards
  • Output DC voltage independent of 10% input voltage variations
  • Output current limit setting is adjustable over the range of 200 to 2000 amps
  • Digital control system with touchscreen panel
  • Separate input and output contactors with status indication lights
  • Convenience receptacle for lights, electric drill, or test instruments
  • T-handle 3-wheel mounting with activated parking brake provides easy maneuverability and stable parking