Aircraft Heater 120kW


AirMAK Heater 120kW is a self-contained, trailer mounted heating unit designed for comfort conditioning of aircraft cabins. The Heater unit is enclosed in a weather resistant canopy with easy access to major components of the system.

It produces up to 120kW(411,500 Btu/hr) heat output with a 50°(120°F ) (heat) over ambient temperature.

This heater unit is suitable for all code C & code D aircraft.  All systems used in the construction of the unit are simple and effective in use, easy to maintain. The unit is so designed to withstand any harsh working environment normally encountered in airport operation.

aircraft heater

Aircraft Heater System

Sources of heating System

  • Blower heat of compression.
  • Engine coolant heat.
  • Engine exhaust heat.
  • No open flame
  • .

    Easy to Operate

    Designed to operate for extended periods of time unattended in an airport environment with complete digital control system.


  • Centrifugal blower fan mounted directly to the engine flywheel
  • requiring no clutches, gears or pulleys.
  • Fewer moving parts equate to lower maintenance costs.
  • High efficiency output through the use of reclaimed engine heat.
  • Fuel efficient: significantly less cost than running the aircraft APU.