Air Conditioning Unit for Aircraft

Air conditioning Unit for aircraft (ACU) / Air Conditioning Truck is a ground support equipment supplies cold air or hot air into a parked aircraft. We manufacture ACU’s Air Conditioning Unit of Towable Trailer mounted, Skid mounted and Self propelled systems. The popular product variants are 5TR, 15TR, 30TR, 60TR, 70TR, 120TR, 140TR, 150TR ACU and many more…
AIRMAK successfully delivered 30TR customized Aircraft Air conditioning unit for BOEING company for their CH-47 F Chinook helicopter

Air Conditioning Unit for AircraftAir conditioning unit for aircraft
Ground cooling unit for aircraft
Ground Support Equipment

Air+MAK has specially developed ACU’s for corporate jets with 5TR capacity. AirMAK ACU’s boast of 1 Lakh + hours of incident free operation and find satisfied customers among major civil airlines and defense organizations across the world.
Click here to view mobile Air Conditioning Unit / Ground Power Unit Combo – ACU/GPCU 15-400

15TR Combo unit

Air+MAK Air Conditioning Unit for aircraft comes with a touchscreen control panel MAK GSEM V8-C and MAK RDMS. A feature rich fleet management software which stores live operational data that can be viewed in a remote computer/mobile and alerts users in real-time of faults & alerts. With this software, users can plan maintenance schedules, ad-hoc service records, order spare parts and much more, eliminating the need for dedicated manpower per operation location.

Air Conditioning Truck :